MACTION Final Week

If OU beats BG, they win the MACEast. If BG wins, they need Kent to beat UB, then BG wins the MACEast. IF BG wins and UB wins, UB wins the MACEast. Also, winner of the BS at Miami game gets a bowl bid, loser does not.

Tue Nov 22

BSU at Miami 7:00 ESPN +
BG at OU 7:00 ESPNU

Friday Nov 25

CNU at EMU 12:00 CBSSN
UT @ WM 12:00 ESPNU

Saturday Nov 26

Kent @ UB 1:00 ESPN+
AU @ NIU 1:30 ESPN3

How does the postponed Akron vs Buffalo game factor in?

Over or Under tonight’s attendance in Oxford 5000. I think less than 5000 actual butts in seats. Not sure with no real TV this game is tonight.

double post, worthy…MACtion!

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Brad was a pretty damn good LB.

Well since OU won, it does not factor into the MACC. However, UB is now 5-5. If they lose to Kent on Saturday, dropping to 5-6, they are going to play Akron the following Saturday ( championship Saturday) to try to get bowl eligible. If they beat Kent, the game will not be played.

I thought I just read Akron vs Buffalo is on for Friday the 2nd

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Well, I guess what I posted was yesterday’s news. So that means they are going to play the game whether UB wins or loses this week

That’s what I figured after last night.

Toledo loses at WM for their second loss in a row and finishes 7-5. Finn did not play for the second week in a row. Eastern beats Central to go 2-0 against CMU and Western. Eastern finishes 8-4.

We may well have a MAC championship game ( Toledo vs Ohio) with both star QB’s out as neither was able to play this week.

Finn played a little today but was ineffective…threw two picks - one a pick 6. Rourke definitely out for the remainder of the season and either had or will have knee surgery. Rockets have zero momentum right now.

I got home in time to watch the second half. They never mentioned that Finn started while I was watching.

I watched some of it.

Watching North Carolina-NC State ( your neck of the woods) and NC State is on their 4th starting QB this year. They are 7-4, but started the year thinking they had a really good shot at winning the ACC ( they had finally beaten Clemson last year. QB depth is an often overlooked area, but can be really important.

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Agree. We probably should have figured out a way to get a couple more QBs some experience. But our offense never seems to get us any point delectation from any opponent we play.

We’re one play away from having AS go down and having to play someone with a different skill set who has played just one or two series against a bad FCS team. We’re almost forced to pick up an experienced QB from the portal between now and spring ball, which sends a discouraging message to the young guys already in our QB room.

Since Aveon was Brett’s replacement the skill set is so different we have had to modify the offense to run first to adapt. Hesson, Humphrey and McLeod bring an altogether different skill set than Aveon. Humphrey might be more of a dual threat but nobody but the coaching staff has seen any of the three in action since they left high school.

Do we recruit an Aveon clone from the transfer portal so we don’t have to play a different scheme if he gets hurt?

A very good question. The staff should have already decided or should be now discussing this. They have actually seen and worked with the younger QB’s that we have not seen for a year or two and need to have a plan in place for next year soon, because the transfer portal will soon be open and freshman signing date is rapidly approaching.


I think it’s pretty safe to assume that any QB you’ve recruited who hasn’t had an opportunity to play after his second or sophomore year will be jumping into the portal at season’s end. That phenomenon creates a situation coaching staffs have never before had to deal with. Unless you play them you’re going to lose them.

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You might lose them if you play them. Ie, some higher ranked school sees them and whispers in their ear plus offers them some NLI. Kinda stinks. I miss the old system.

The kids don’t. Used to be schools like Ohio State and Notre Dame gobbled up all the 4 and 5 stars and let them ride pine so other schools couldn’t get them. That was especially true before stringent scholarship limits.

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Fair point. Still feels like the boosters won though and legalized cheating.