MAC Preseason Coaches' Poll

Dae Dae made it to the second team. We are predicted to finish in 7th place.

  1. Kent State (98)
  2. Akron (95)
  3. BG (93)
  4. Miami (92)
  5. Ball State (54)

So the voters see very little difference between 4-7 and a huge gap between those teams and everyone else.

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At #7, we’re the lowest ranked team in the East. Glad divisions are essentially meaningless anymore.

With a team returning virtually everyone, being ranked 7th isn’t a good sign. While I like Jack, his record isn’t exactly stellar in 5 years:

1 winning season (shortened season)
49-65 against D1 opponents
29-42 in MAC play.

That being said, I am cautiously optimistic about the team this year. Especially given the extremely favorable OOC schedule.

Miami athletics, we strive for mediocrity. (Should be on Sayler’s door!)

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This is why I say we can’t have excuses this year. From the Miami press release moments ago:

"Miami returns 12 players, including all five starters, from a season ago as the RedHawks posted their first winning season since 2009 and earned a berth in the eight-team MAC Tournament. RedHawk returns account for 99 percent of Miami’s scoring and 98 percent of its rebounding from a season ago. "


Like @Quinoaburger mentioned, 4th thru 7th are virtually the same. I agree this is a ‘put-up or shut up’ year for Jack and the program. It should be our best squad since way back when Charlie was healthy. We shall see—I’m optimistic about the squad.

We made a big jump offensively last season, up to 111th in KenPom’s AdjOff. The defense needs to come along this season. We begin 2022 ranked 137th by KenPom, which is our highest spot in quite some time. We have depth, experience, and a schedule that should lend to OOC wins, and hopefully momentum going into MAC play.

T-minus 2 days…

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Until Jack is given respectable resources, I’m not sure what more to expect from him.

Akron and Kent State play in glorified high school gyms but have been two of the better MAC programs the last decade or so, while NIU and EMU have been mediocre despite good arenas. Facilities matter but they’re not a silver bullet to losing, nor do they inherently prohibit winning (much less in a conference as flat in resources between schools as the MAC).


Where were we predicted to finish in the ACC standings?