MAC bball cancelled--Covid

I said on another post three hours ago that I expected the Covid dominos would start to fall soon in bball. Just saw announcement that EMU @ OU Tues and Sat vs Buffalo cancelled. May be made up.
Didn’t expect it to happen this fast. DAMN! Here we go–again.

It was announced 3 hours before your original post.

Good times. Likely losses for EMU, so doubtful they’re too broken up.

I guess I needed to spend more time checking all those sources you have out there. I had no intention to pat myself on the back as you imply. I have lots to do that doesn’t include being on Covid patrol.

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My source is quite sad. Consider yourself lucky for not having it. I received an email from the OU ticket office.


I don’t think he was implying that at all. It seems he was saying your post and the announcement were very close to each other.

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I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of cancellations/postponements. Hopefully though, we end up similar to last year with a peak around now, or in the next few weeks and cases fall towards the end of season.

I’m curious to see how the NCAA interprets the new isolation/quarantine guidelines. The CDC now is recommending just 5 days of isolation after testing positive, followed by 5 days of rigorous mask-wearing (if asymptomatic after 5 days). That’s also the recommended procedure after exposure for unvaccinated/unboosted people, while boosted individuals don’t need to quarantine at all, if asymptomatic.

The NFL has said that they will let players play in that 5 days of mask wearing, without a mask. If the NCAA is willing to do the same, then cases of covid at a school could be pretty quickly resolved and the team could get back to playing.

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BSU/NIU and Akron/BG postponed for tonight (Wed.). Here’s hoping once the next semester starts and we’re past the holidays the numbers start to go back down.

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