Look what my dad found

From March '96:


That’s pretty cool.

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I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed by Bozeman fouling out in 9 minutes, or by McGuire putting up 4 points, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, and 5 fouls on 0/1 shooting in 34 minutes of play. The game was different back in the 90s.

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Wally was a freshman this season. Surprised not to find him in the box. Was he hurt, or just didn’t play much then?

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I dont remember the specifics of why he didnt play that day but he played a lot as a freshman- not as much as Frierson- but my memory was 10-20 minutes a game.

My CYO team went to the championship that season. Lost to Little Flower from Swanton. Those bastards.

Second time in a 10 day stretch that Devin Davis went 15-21 from the free throw line in a single game.

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I believe Wally missed 7 games with an injury.

He famously had an early season game where he went 9-9 from the field.

Strange team. Kind of loaded talent wise. In addition to Wally, not in the box score, but on the team were Anthony Taylor and Rob Mestas as freshmen. Arguably the best recruiting class in Miami history.

They went undefeated non-conference. Stumbled in conference including getting drilled in the MAC tournament by Toledo. Then almost beat a good Fresno State team in the NIT. I remember my dad letting me stay up late on a school night to watch the game. Damon went off for like 24 I believe.


I know he got hurt his junior year. Don’t remember much of his freshman season. I do remember 9-9, though. I was just talking to my dad about that Fresno game. Frierson missed a game-winner in the lane as time expired.

I think Wally’s first game was vs. New Hampshire. He drove the baseline on one play and had a huge dunk. Amazing play for a freshman


Probably a discussion for a different thread and I’m guessing this was covered on the old site, but what is it going to take to get Devin’s number retired?

Over 1800 points. Over 1000 rebounds. A million accolades. Never missed the postseason. The Arizona game. Third all time leading scorer.

Seems like a no brainer.


Need to find someone in Athletics that thinks about things like that. BBall is such an afterthought that unless there is $$$ involved there I don’t see it happening…of course a petition might help. I’d sign it in a heartbeat


Good comment. I came to Miami in 1987 and have been a fan since. 1998-1999 was the best season and Wally had the best season….but for a 4 year stint you could argue that Devins 4 year seasons were in total better and he had a better 4 year career. Regardless he was a great great player.

The 1997 team probably had the most talent of any Miami basketball team I have ever seen and by the MAC title game played the best game I have seen Miami play in post season.


Who wants to start this petition? Let’s get 42(?) In the rafters.


Devin should absolutely be hanging in the rafters!

OK. I loved watching him play.But to find out how intense he was, you had to go to practice. If he missed a FT, he was pissed. He played all out all the time. Even in practice. A few years later, we had some soft players… I commented to our then coach that some of the guys would not survive a practice with Devin. Not sure he appreciated that comment. But I was right. Devin was, a beast.
But what about Wally? Cover of Sports Illustrated. Most pub Miami bball ever got. Huge games in the Dance. A conundrum.

And he was recruited to Miami from Miami along with his high school teammate (who didn’t stay long)……………



Poncho Farquason (spelling might be off)

Nicely done!

Puncho Farquharson - University of Tampa Athletics?

The email about ticket sales for the UC game mentions “welcoming home Miami Basketball great Devin Davis for Devin Davis night”. I feel like they kind of buried the lede on that one.