Let Dick Register

I just finished talking with Dick. He said Jive was trying to help him migrate to this board. We won’t be complete here until this happens.


I don’t think I’ve seen greggie over here yet either.

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I sent him a message on the old board yesterday and he hasn’t responded.

And also, pretty sure he just hasn’t registered. Nobody has attempted to sign up with the username Dick as far as I can tell on the admin side of things.

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Speaking of greggie, can we get an insightful button?:sunglasses:

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Can we get muhoops over here? Whatever happened to that guy?


I showed Dick this thread during halftime last night. Things will work out.

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Happy to help out however needed.

@DICK & @greggie are over there conversing with each other.


If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that this forum needs more Dick.


Don’t bother Dick He still dreaming of Vegas!! :rofl:

Just popped onto old board. Duck is still there with a few others. We ALL need to post over there and encourage them to join us.

Dick may be right about not being able to register. I just attempted to register a new account using my wife’s email address. All went well until I was told I needed to confirm my email and that I would receive an email instructing me how to do that. That confirmation email has not come, the same issue Dick has had. When I initially registered this account I received the email within seconds.

I’m meeting Dick Wednesday for the Women’s game and we’re going to try on his iPad.

Let me check something with our email provider. Might need to buy a bigger plan.

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I don’t know which provider you/DICK are using, but you should check different folders/tabs to see if you can find the email. I registered using a gmail account and the confirmation email only showed up under my promotions tab, not in my main inbox. That (or something similar) might be the problem you guys are having.

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Mine came into my “suspect “ e mail box. It did come rather quickly.

I should know better, it was in my Junk folder. I’ll get Dick straightened out. Thanks for everyone’s help.


That would be good of you. Someone has to keep Dick straight.

Communicated with Dick. He tried three more times to register and the confirmation email never came. Not in his Junk or Spam, either.

Hmm, I am certain Jive can fix this.

When I first registered, I realized I made a typo in my email so the email went to some imaginary account. Dick’s probably not making a typo, but I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t receive an email.

A bad UTI for our new board, a case of unreceived transpondence information.