Last years defense

I have to admit I am surprised that Dom Robinson is doing so well in the NFL and that Weatherford is playing

That means last years defense had
2 pros (Robinson and Weatherford)
1 practice squad pro (Brown)
1 camp pro (Boswell)
1 candidate for def player of the year (Pace)
2 power 5 players (Phelps and Butler) doing well
Plus Ertl, Salopek, Saunders, Warren and Bryant

So how did we go only 7-6

How did we give up 48 to kent and 35 to Ohio?


That makes me wonder…no, not really because if you have these kind of players and aren’t winning at least 9-10 games (and throw in another for a bowl win) then it must be the coaching,or so I’d venture to guess.


Lol it’s really not a mystery–we shouldn’t treat it as such

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Maybe that’s why both co-defensive coordinators are gone. The one holdover from last year was the Safeties coach and is now defensive coordinator. There’s no doubt that the new defensive staff is a home run.


Last year is history.

And Manny Rugumba is starting at Linebacker for the BC Lions in the CFL.

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linebacker? Maybe safety? I know they sling it a lot in Canada…did he bulk up or is this just a scheme thing and he’s some sort of nickel package?

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Nope. They’ve got him playing at an outside LB position. 12 to a side in the CFL.