Jim Boeheim on the Dan Patrick Show Full Interview | 04/03/23

Whether you like him or not, Jim Boeheim does a great interview

Jim Boeheim literally got away with negligently killing a man. He lost control of his vehicle and killed a man whose car slipped on ice and spun out. He was standing in the median when struck. According to police records, the road was icy. Boeheim came over a hill and saw the road was blocked by the car. He attempted to avoid the car and went into the median and struck and killed a 51 year old man and injured another. There were indications he was speeding. Further, b/c of road conditions, he was unable to stop and avoid the impact. That represents driving too fast for conditions and driving at a speed where he could not stop within the assured clear distance ahead.
The police referred to it as nothing more than a “tragic accident”. But under Pa law, a violation of a state statute is negligence per se.
Nothing else was revealed about the incident. No info on litigation. However, I have no doubt that Syracuse and Boeheim wrote some very large checks to bail out the coach within days of the death.
I wish I had more info. My opinion is based on my understanding of torts and the fact that the careless driver was a very well known man who made his school a bunch of money. That, and there was no evidence of any further action by the victims. If he/his family was my client, I’d be planning to spend the winters in the Caribbean and the summers someplace pleasant with good fishing.
I just libeled Boeheim and Syracuse U. Let them sue me. Truth is an absolute defense.

It occurred near Syracuse, not in Pennsylvania though.

There was no indication of drugs or alcohol being consumed, the police report stated he was not driving recklessly and that even if he hadn’t been speeding, the collision would have been fatal.

Fundamentally, it’s very dangerous to be outside of a vehicle on the highway, especially at night, in icy conditions and wearing dark clothing. I’m not saying Boeheim is blameless (please don’t speed when there is ice and disabled vehicles), but I don’t think it sounds like he committed a crime.

The family of the victim sued in Nov 2020. No clue if it was settled or still ongoing.

That’s what happens when you write with your heart, not engaging a critical eye. You are right on two points. It would have been in NY and although I googled it a few times I didn’t see the action had been filed. One reason is the incident occurred on Feb 2, '19, but the case wasn’t filed for 21 months on November 9, '20. I googled it several times over months and nothing but silence.
Still, it was a poor job of editing, failure to google and re-reading. But the headline of love him or not made me think that those who love him might want to know of this episode. And the point remains, if he had been in control of the vehicle he could have avoided to the right or, more importantly, been able to stop the vehicle to avoid any contact, taking into consideration road conditions.
And I am no fan of Boeheim. I believe he does or has cheated. I don’t like cheaters.

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Since you’ve accused him of murder and cheating in the same day maybe you could produce some evidence of either, or both.

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So in regards to what Jimmy B said about basketball?

Check your DM.