Jaylon Bester

It’s been a tough return season for Bester. Missed the first part of the year still rehabbing from his injury. Since then, he’s only seen sparse playing time and hasn’t had much of an impact. With the depth that we have at running back, he kinda feels like the forgotten man right now. Weird considering he was such a key member of the 2019 team. It does look like he still has a redshirt year to use if he chooses. I wouldn’t mind seeing him shut it down and come back next season 100%.


He certainly doesn’t appear to have any of the breakout speed he used to have before the injuries…a shame.

This week’s two deep shows him as the #1 for Tuesday night.

It has every week since he’s been healthy. Our two deep is notoriously unreliable.

I am sure the coaches are responsible for the roster two deep but the lack of information in the game notes make the whole thing worthless. It is used to be a must read and now it is an inaccurate piece of crap. They have 31 pages and much of the stuff was written in August.

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August of 2018. It has been a lot of the same info for years, they just change whatever relates to that weeks game.

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I have always thought it would be a greater advantage to be incredibly accurate on the two deep and then have it be inaccurate occasionally

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