Jackson Ames to the Portal?

Per verbalconmits.com.

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Interesting timing after Mirambeaux decides to come to Miami

So maybe Anderson isn’t there just for depth. Nonetheless, this portal thing has to be very disconcerting to players who see the need to leave a school where they’ve developed a life.


This is a shame…I assumed new staff would make developing him a priority.

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I don’t want this to sound mean as I have nothing against any of the athletes, but maybe the staff doesn’t think he’s good enough. At least at the level they are trying to reach. If he was a walk on, he’d have a spot. But if he’s on scholarship, he’s got to be able to play.


Yeah there’s no guarantee he wasn’t told “you have no future here, get in the portal.” I don’t know that obviously, but for all the coaches complaints about the one time transfer rule, it certainly makes it easier for them to show kids the door…


I wish he’d played more. From what I saw he had skills and enough athleticism that he could develop into a solid player in the MAC. But hard to form an opinion on his few minutes.

Yes…so not sure the thought process…seemed like a Steele type of player.