It’s the day after the best time I’ve had in Millett

in almost a quarter century and I say


So say we all?

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Kudos to Coach Miller for scheduling this game in Oxford.


He was very complimentary towards Miami and the fans in post-game interviews. Hopefully this becomes an annual game even after next year’s return in Clifton.


This. Within months of being hired by UC, Coach Miller was on the phone with Owens to schedule a true home and home with us. He didn’t have to do that, but local rivalries like this are good for college basketball and last night was very good for our program.


Is this a legit standalone home and home? I wasn’t sure if this was maybe an alternate arrangement to make up for the 2020 home football game being cancelled.

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So say we all

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Great atmosphere. Glad to have an experience reminiscent of the old days. For the younger folks, there were games with that kind of energy and excitement - for MAC games.

Also saw 2 great signs in the student section last night:

UC is a safety school
UC 10 is a M 6


Yes, there is a game at UC next year


I believe we averaged somewhat like 6,400 a home game (for the season) in Wally’s NCAA sweet sixteen year…


When I was at Miami the main show in town was the hockey team, with the basketball team being an afterthought. Given that the hockey team is horrendous right now and has lost tons of interest, I wonder if basketball can step into that void and take advantage of the pent up support. Even though the team lost on Wednesday, they played well and it seemed like it was a fun atmosphere. If the team can keep winning and the athletic department can keep the students/fans coming back, there might be an opportunity for the program to take a potential long-term step forward this season.

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Given that the hockey team is horrendous right now and has lost tons of interest

Hockey is bad definitely, but in their first three games (only excluding Thanksgiving weekend series against LIU when students were out of town) they averaged 2,990 in attendance. Plenty of interest still there. I do hope that basketball can get some good attendance this year though tough when next home game with students isn’t until February

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I just wonder if UC will trade multiple bball games if we agree to give up 2-3 yrs of football games. They apparently would like to end the series sooner than 2029 so this could be a decent trade off. Similar to the ND deal when they gave us 4 bball, 2-2 home and away, when they wanted to schedule a bigger name for the opening of their refurbished football stadium. We got 4 games for one, and won, IIRC, 3 of the 4 played. Worked out great for us.
Not anxious to end the UC football series, but it they may make us an offer we can’t refuse and/or they will just attempt to buy us out.

Its funny but I never was convinced that trading the football game for those 4 basketball games worked out great for us. I know I am the only one that feels this way.

But that football game was going to be on NBC back before every game was televised and we had a chance to win. I believe ND played Georgia Tech and won or lost 13-10.

Also at that time our basketball program didnt lead a lot of help. Now the road win in 1999 may have well helped us reach the tournament- but at that time we still had home games vs Dayton and Xavier and I think we played Tennessee- Purdue or Michigan at home around that time.

I dont remember those Notre Dame basketball games being huge attendance games- I know they had a decent team with Troy Murphy and maybe Laphonso Ellis. And you are right we won 3 out of 4.

The other counter argument to my argument was that we replaced Notre Dame in football with Virginia Tech and had a great upset of them- they were #12 in the country. But it wasnt televised and I have barely ever seen any highlights of that game at all- it is almost like it didnt happen. A win in football over Notre Dame at that would have been like App State over Michigan

In reality we probably had no choice and made the best of a bad situation

We beat ND at their place when they were #10 in the country. Even though it wasn’t nationally televised, that was worth it right there, IMO.

But we could have played at Notre Dame in basketball any year we want. Its not hard to get road games- we get them every year. Its hard to get home games.

And that win was neat- I believe we had a backup point guard play almost the whole game. But it probably wouldnt make a list of my top 50 Miami sports memories because a) I didnt see it and b) it didnt mean anything beyond the game (i.e it wasnt a tournament game, didnt get us in the NCAA tournament)

Watched the game in the dorm. That was Matt Jameson’s one shining moment in a Miami uniform. And Ensminger hit elbow jumper after elbow jumper to bury them.

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Troy Murphy was playing in at least some of those games. LaPhonso Ellis is much older.


Think LaPhonso is being confused with Ryan Humphrey…

Ryan was solid…had cup of coffee in NBA…slightly bigger Will Felder.

Mike Ensminger’s comment to Troy Murphy about Murphy’s nose is one of the best Miami Basketball trash talking of all time