It’s Goshen Week!

Sorry, try again.

Goshen College is a private Mennonite liberal arts college in Goshen, Indiana. It was founded in 1894 as the Elkhart Institute of Science, Industry and the Arts, and is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has an enrollment of 950 students.

The Fighting Maple Leaves of Goshen College play at Western Michigan on Thursday.

Chuck wants a piece of them.

Western Michigan up 29-20 over Goshen with 7 and change to play in the first half.

Interesting…they are NAIA correct?


Western up 43-25 at the half.

Western Michigan wins 99-62.


Typical typo, I assume? Or miracle?

I hear that they travel well. Millett Hall is Maple Leaf Garden East on Saturday afternoon! Only bad thing about the 1pm starts… The Hitchin Post in Darrtown opens at noon. It makes for a quick beer before heading to Oxford.

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I guess Lewis

Goshen ---------> Georgia----------> Marshal--------->IU

And Kamari off the bench? What’s the deal with Miami’s sports information? Are they incompetent or is that some lame attempt to not tip off Goshen? It gets tiresome. Unless he’s really playing.

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Game no Mo’ correct…

Fear the Maple Leaf

PS Dis- or Mis-Information Dept. ?

Mulch the Leafs!

Pretty sure Kamari out this semester

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Lovely…when does that end?

Maybe back for Most of MAC?

I think it ends when the grades are turned in and Kamari would have accomplished what he needed to do.

Steele said in his post game presser that they filed an appeal with the NCAA 30 days ago and he was upset they hadn’t ruled by the season opener.

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