Hieronymus Named Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Hieronymus Named Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach - Miami University RedHawks (miamiredhawks.com)

Wish her well. She should be advised to not buy a house.


Firing Owens and getting a suitable replacement had to be priority one this offseason, but besides the practical realities stemming from firing two coaches at the same time there’s little reason why Hendrix should still be here. She inherited a golden situation from Duffy and squandered it immediately, I haven’t seen anything in her three years to indicate it’ll work out. Nevertheless, I wish her and Hieronymus well to turn things around next season.

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Didn’t our three best players outside of Scott leave when Duffy left? Pretty sure it wasn’t a golden situation. Duffy kind of fucked us over.

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Hendrix had two of Miami’s top 30 players ever for her first year and couldn’t even finish .500 with them. What does that say?


I do not think Hendrix is doing a good job at all (obviously), but we had multiple girls leave, every Duffy commit decommit, and Hendrix had to fill spots at the very last second due to timing of her being hired. She was not put in a golden situation at all and I believe we had maybe 8 or 9 healthy girls max that season.


Duffy’s incoming freshman recruits, with the exception of Scott, decided to go elsewhere. Megan can’t control that. She didn’t screw us in any way.

I’ll bite, Dickerson and who?

An important date is coming up in the Hendrix contract the term of which expires May 31, 2024…

June 30, 2022.

Buyout is $215,000 for any termination before last game of 2024.

I cannot see the result of that meeting being a renewal or extension based on her record.

You would think she would be put on notice that as of now Miami is considering non-renewal based on the performance of her team during her tenure.

She will have another year to prove herself which means that after next season a decision will have to be made to pay the buyout or let her stay to the end of the contract and save the $215k.

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Kluesner but maybe she’s not top 30, top 50, or 100?

I’m saying the move fucked us over. We lost all but one recruit very late in the game then transfers out as well. There was no golden situation here, as I said.

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Very good player. I’ve been watching Miami Women’s Basketball since 1980. She’s certainly Top 100, maybe Top 50. Beyond that I would have to go back and look at 40 years of rosters.

Thanks for clarifying.

Savannah Kluesner is #10 in scoring all time, #4 rebounding, and #3 in blocks…gotta be in the top 20 all time with those numbers. With her, Lauren D., super frosh P Scott, and some experienced role players they won a total of 4 MAC games that season. Pretty ugly.

Ugly is being kind.