Hail, Bake!

Bake deserves a giant thank you for broadcasting last night’s game. Coming back shortly after surgery is tough (I had rotator cuff surgery last December and still dealing with it). He hinted as such a couple times, but he didn’t go on the DL, he showed up and did his usual great job.
We and the Miami community are very lucky to have Bake doing our games. Watching other MAC games, many of their announcers are rank amateurs.
So, from me and many others, I am sure–thanks Bake. You the man!


I’d love to make QR installations of big plays that happened in Miami sports history where Bake was on the call. Each lives as a poster on the Millet concourse or at Yeager/Goggin. You scan a QR on the poster and it brings the play to life as a video clip with Bake calling the play on your phone. An audio gallery so to speak.


My compliments to Bake. Since I had mine done two days before his, I can sympathize with how tough it must have been to get mobile enough to trek into Millett and sit through the broadcast. The stitches are still in - about six inches vertically on the front side of the hip - and they pull and sting. Sometimes they throb.

With a built in Mercy Heath training staff I’m sure they got him iced down and game ready for tonight’s football call.

Way to go, Bake. Get us a big win tonight!


Bake: Do the rehab…religiously. Your limber hip and golf game will be worthy rewards.

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Take care of yourself first and foremost!



Best wishes, Bake! Heed renmenaz; he is right.

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