Not sure how I feel about this, but the Cards giving GA Tech fits. GT only up 6 with 6 minutes to go.


Is GT not very good, is Lamar better than we thought, and/or is Stetson just awful?

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Yellow Jackets win 75-66. Impressive effort by Lamar after playing in Oxford just two days earlier.

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GT isn’t that good of a team by P5 standards, at least not yet. But this result makes Miami’s performance Saturday look much more impressive.


And their Stetson result. GT isn’t a top 50 team, but they’re no slouch.

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As noted…GT is just okay, finding their way…may end up decent.

Lamar has some decent players…but when you shoot 60% from trey, you can make a lot of teams " look" bad, as we did.

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And I think it underscores we didn’t play our best game by any stretch vs GT. Which is encouraging too.

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Just follow this link throughout the season. They’re not a top 50 team, but they’re probably a top 100 team.

You can make a lot of teams look bad when you have the 33rd best efg% and the 35th best turnover rate (when we shoot, we score at a good percentage, and most possessions end in a shot attempt rather than a turnover). You can also do it when defensively, you’re giving up an efg% of under 50% and a turnover rate in the middle of the pack (teams don’t shoot well against Miami and a decent number of possessions end with no shot attempt).

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I think Georgia Tech might just be bad. We beat them despite shooting just 6-31 from 3. With a better shooting night, we might have blown them out.

I know the transitive property doesn’t always work, but tonight should be interesting. We beat GT in a close one. They struggled a bit with Lamar; we blew them out. Tech had no trouble with Stetson. By this logic we should also beat them pretty handily, but we’ll see. According to ESPN, we’re 10.5 point favorites and have an 87% chance of winning.

I was surprised it was only 10.5 to be honest- what do they know that I dont

Me, too. I was thinking closer to 14. Stetson struggled against an NAIA opponent and lost big to GT. I think 10.5 was the line when we played Tech. Let’s just hope they stay focused and take them out of it early.