Future scheduling

According to available info on the Miami FB page of the web site, they show 20 scheduled games between 2022 and 2029. Of those 20, only 7 are to be physically played in Oxford…and, for all we know, UC, because of their move to the P5, may cancel one or more of its games against Miami, especially those in Oxford

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The home schedule is a concern. However, from what I saw in Frisco, Im liking our chances next year in Evanston, IL vs Northwestern. Would be a great win for Miami.

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I liked them too, but we are losing two of our top defenders and our top WR in Sorenson

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We have a few openings on our schedule from 2023 on now. I’m hoping to see more of a nationalized OOC schedule. We’re the only MAC team locked into an annual OOC game. Interest in that game should be waning if we continue to be pounded by the Bearkittens every season. Bowling Green opens in the Rose Bowl next year. We haven’t been to the West Coast since 1984 unless you count the single trip to Hawaii. Several MAC teams have home and homes with teams like San Jose, Wyoming and San Diego. Ohio has WVU coming in and Toledo has one at the Glass Bowl with Kentucky. We haven’t been south in years. Here’s hoping that game at Yager with Missouri stays on the books.


Would love to see more home and homes with other G5 teams, along with lower tier P5 teams. I do love the idea of having games more nationally… west coast, south east, north east (BC or UCONN?), etc.


I remember asking David Sayler on one of those “Ask the AD” sessions about scheduling some schools in the Southeast and some other G5 teams from around the country. If I recall correctly, he wasn’t enthusiastic about it - implying they just don’t make financial sense. I’m not sure how other MAC programs seem to go it.

I asked a question in another thread and I’ll try it here too.

Why isn’t he enthusiastic about it? Is it because he’d rather have the $$$million plus P5 paydays than a (hopefully) decent crowd at Yeager for a decent G5 team?

Same for a 2 for 1 with a lower level P5 team. Rather make the big bucks traveling to UK three times than have two paydays and a (hopefully) great crowd at home and not make as much as if they traveled?

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I have a similar post on another thread. I’ll cut and paste here.
Maybe I’ll get more likes or more beers or more LOLs. I’m not quite sure yet, but it seems to fit better on this topic thread.

“Sometimes giving up money might make some sense. It is not always a direct dollar that is the value.
2 for 1 series against WVU/PITT/IU/PURDUE/NW/VANDY/CUSE/UK/VATECH/ETC could make sense. Fans pack the house and get excited + get excited if we win (better chance at home) + get excited for the OU/KSU/BG/UB/UA/other MAC games after the P5 win at HOME.
Get rid of the FCS games! Replace them with some MWC/AAC/SBC/CUSA teams for 1:1. Why pay an FCS team when we can make more money with a MWC team and 1:1?”


Got it…thanks for help.

Hate to say it but see David’s point. When you’re as heavily subsidized by student activity fees as athletics are guess you can always use the money.

That said JHV seems right. Get rid of the dinky schools we have to pay to come in and schedule another regional G/5 school and get a decent enough crowd, someone we’ve hopefully all heard of and someone we don’t have to pay a small fortune (that we don’t have), to travel to to play.

As a season ticket holder when I look at the schedule and see a limited number of Saturday games and one of them is some tiny school I’ve never heard of like Long Island it stinks. Next, add two home games that are on weeknights that I won’t attend because I don’t want to get home at 1am and have to go to work the next day, and it’s really disappointing. Finally, add that there’s a home games against someone like BG or Akron at the bottom of the MAC and it’s like why get season tickets? Instead, just get a tickets to a few home games against teams that are going to be decent games.

Bottom line is season tickets to maybe two or max three games that are worth the effort to get there makes for crappy season ticket sales. Get rid of the dinky do’s of the world and put a G/5 on the home schedule that adds a little meat on the bone. They’ve determined they need the money from pay games so at least get rid of the LIL’s of the world and give season ticket holders and casual fans a game worth the money.


And I will restate my “rest of my lifetime fan objective” for Miami football. Relegate the Battle of the Bricks to one specific Saturday in mid-October EVERY DAMN YEAR - like Alabama vs Tennessee is ALWAYS played on the third Saturday of October. Play it home and home and bring the bands. That would create some real pageantry that is absolutely lost by scheduling that game on a cold or rainy Tuesday night in November.


That is a great idea


The last few years I have used my season tickets twice or so a year. Long Island was not a good enough reason to move back my now annual trip to Colorado to see the grandchildren (and their parents of course). Give me a good game or two early in September at home please. This year I rented the same condo again. When I return we will probably have mid week games that make this old guy rent a motel room once more like we did for BG. So, the lure of great seats and support for the department may lose out to just walk up and buy some tickets at the gate. Not yet, but soon.

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I think the MAC has done a poor job of embracing our already existing rivalries while trying to create fictional rivalries like the Redbird


Agree. I would hope the ADs and Presidents from Ohio and Miami might take my proposal to the Commissioner. There could be other schools that might relish some kind of permanent arrangement between themselves, too - to stimulate fan interest.

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LMAO - The Missouri game has been on the schedule for like 25 years now…

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Amen…Tuesday night in Athens, or Oxford for that matter, when it’s 25 degrees and the wind is blowing sucks eggs. You want to build fan interest and get butts in the seats 3rd week in October sounds glorious. I don’t think there isn’t one of us on this site, that if we were within traveling distance, wouldn’t make a real effort to get to that game.

Bring the bands and bring the fans!

All you MHTers out there that seem to have connections to Dave S and the like need to get it going.

Two years ago, the cancelled Covid season, when we had UC/Army and OU on Saturdays was about as perfect as it gets. Save BG and Akron for Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


As a fan, I’d be happier with that. Looking at the dollars though, it just doesn’t work out financially.

Those FCS schools hardly get paid 6 figures to come to Oxford and every school needs at least one tune up game. Let’s be honest, we’re a tune up game for P5s, the FCS are tune up games for the MAC.

For the three seasons you do a 2:1 with a P5 school, you’re missing out on multiple 7 figure checks. How do you justify laying off a majority of the department and then actively pass that up?

And everyone is gnawing for a home and home with a G5 program. That’s exactly what the UC series is. The athletic department decided to run a home and home indefinitely with a program who ended up going into $250 million in debt to try to get into the P5. That’s enough money to nearly operate our department for a decade, and they aren’t r it in a year for facility upgrades and increased coaching salaries. Now that they’ve won the arms race, everyone is backing up and saying no no no, not that one.


Of note, we play 3 P5 programs 3 of the next 4 seasons. It’s pretty clear we’re going for money and not a fan friendly schedule. Want to have more G5 games? Go open your check books and donate.


I hear what you’re saying but how are other MAC schools managing to work in some distant G5 games or one for three P5 games and apparently surviving but Miami can’t seem to make it work?

I noticed that Kent St plays Washington, Oklahoma and Georgia next year…all on the road. Quite a Bataan Death March