From The Student: “Big Ben” has retired – and now it's time for us to forget him

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There’s a reason college papers are always made fun of…

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Miami can kiss any more donations from Ben adios.

Ben, like many people, is far from a perfect human being but to publicly trash him as The Miami Student has done, is one very big mistake.


He obviously went through a “bad boy” bachelor patch, and not to completely discount it but it doesn’t have to define him as the author does here…by all accounts Ben has turned his life around and now is a happily married man w children. This article makes no attempt to offer a balanced approach…it’s just an attack piece.


WOKE BS paper

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Agree. Many who achieve fame and fortune in athletics, the entertainment field, politics, religion, and even on Wall Street go through a period where they are not appropriate role models. By all accounts Ben realized he was headed down a path to ruin and figured out a way to reinvent himself. I am not aware of any issues while he was a student at Miami. With few exceptions, a person should not be defined by either their worst or best moments - rather by the whole of their existence. This was not a balanced article at all.


I’ll be honest, I don’t have any issues with this article being written and I don’t think it’s an attack piece. It does a ok job of presenting the ambiguity around the incidents and is much more fair in that regard than many who would just label him as a rapist without providing any context. I’m not sure I agree with the conclusion but that doesn’t mean I think the article shouldn’t have been written.

Student newspapers definitely shouldn’t be making decisions on what to publish based on how it might impact donations.


I guess Bob Hitchen’s number should be unretired too?


Being rude and immature are not even close to criminal offenses and really shouldnt be in the article

The two potential sexual assaults are worthy of consideration. In general I dont love the idea of re litigating events in which the case was not strong enough for a charge 20 years ago- but I can at least understand why the back story is an issue.

I didnt enjoy reading it- i imagine Ben wouldnt enjoy reading - I will be proud when he makes the hall of fame- but I can see why if the writer felt that way it was an appropriate article to write.

In general I have a very negative opinion of “journalists” currently as I view it is more for profit, clicks, views and I hope the writer genuinely felt like it was important and not just for clicks


Let’s let Sayler, Crawford and the Bd of Trustees figure this one out, though there will probably be nothing said…or done.

What would you like them to do? They can’t exactly censor a student newspaper (nor should they try).

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Typically, there is an “advisor” to the “Miami Student.” Generally, it is an experienced professor. In the late 70s, it was Wayne Staton, a recognizable name to many Business majors.

Wayne was a good guy and never “killed” any article or column by the sports staff. (He questioned a piece, but I submitted anyway)

Also, I’m certainly not defending the content of this piece, but at least it was correctly labeled as a “column” and not an “article.”

Not to “whitewash” Ben’s misbehavior, but I didn’t consider the piece particularly balanced…the title pretty much sums up the writer’s intent. Ending the article with an update of Ben’s current family situation would not have supported the title’s conclusion.

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No one is perfect. I wish I could have do overs. Sure many feel the same way.

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I’m suggesting, though I didn’t state it clearly enough, that if Ben is upset, smoothing the waters should be “handled” by someone in authority…

Cancelling, censoring, 1 pt of view, etc. has been turning ppl against each other for years now. I would hope there is guidance at the Student to ask the critical questions of what they are trying to accomplish, is it balanced, is it thought provoking, can it create anything positive, etc.? Ben has stated he is dedicating his retirement to spreading the word of God - sounds admirable. Look at the whole body of work - I’m a believer that how you finish is more important than how you begin.


I forever lost respect for the school paper when it made up lies about friends of mine years back regarding their behavior from an event the writer wasn’t even at. A writer can use bad judgement but the paper and those who back them should never assume real research is ever done by students and that creates an environment for libel.

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Forever is a big word. The paper can never earn back your respect because of something it did “years ago”?

The Student is a joke, they had a piece when I went there advocating our football dropping down to FCS. The only reason I’d read it is for the police beat, where admittedly they had some killer headlines (“man threatens officer with penis” was the best I recall), but they ended it my junior year so I never touched it again.

No. Sadly it cannot. If you choose to stand behind people (writers) who spew lies and hurt peoples reputations with those lies, you burn a bridge. That’s the thing about media. Even a student paper has reach today as people can reshare things in a way that wasn’t possible when many of us went to school. That component requires real understanding of ethics not just clicks or engagement.

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