Frisco Crowd/Atmosphere

The overall crowd looked good on TV!

For those that made it to the game- how was the pre-game festivities, tailgates, team-dinners, etc.?

Any epic tales of debauchery?

I will be very curious to see the TV ratings for our game as well. The only game at that time, day before Christmas Eve and on regular ESPN, I imagine it was pretty high!

Agreed. I thought going in that’s a sneaky good tv slot.

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Pre-game festivities for Miami were pretty much limited to the Green Gator where President Crawford and other administrators handed out Miami pins (tie tacks) and signs. The pins were nice depicting a flared M below the Miami tribe ribbon symbol. I’m sure there were some families of players doing there own tailgates, but it seemed as though most of the Miami fans were at the Green Gator. A lot of UNT fans were tailgating at the stadium and UNT had stuff for the kids like bouncy castles.

I would estimate the Miami crowd (excluding the band, cheerleaders, and Shakerettes) was around 400-500. It was a good Miami crowd, more than I expected.