Free Tickets this Weekend Against CMU

Tomorrow is the Love.Honor.Care game for charity. Coach Steele mentioned he worked with IFC to make sure all the fraternities would be there with their new pledges and it should be one of the better environments we’ve had in a while. Share the link and help pack Millett!

Request the free tickets here


Central Michigan at Miami at 3:30 Saturday. Second half of a dh with the women hosting conference power Toledo at one. Central is 8-16 ( 3-8), Miami is 8-16 ( 2-9).

In the first MAC game of the season, Miami led most of the night but Central took the lead with a couple of minutes to go and we collapsed in the last 3 minutes and lost by 12. This is basically a must win game for both teams if they want to stay alive for the MAC tournament.

Central’s hopes for this season took a major blow when in the 4th game of the season sophomore Kevin Miller, a preseason second team ALL MAC performer, got injured and has not returned. He was averaging 18.5ppg. They did however have a great win at Michigan in December.
Their best players have been :
6-6 SR Brian Taylor at 14.5ppg and 6rpg
6-3 JR Jesse Zarzola 16ppg
6-4 FR Reggie Bass (ppg, 3rpg, 3 apg
6-10 Soph Marcus Harding 9.6ppg 4rpg

We need to take advantage of a possible big and enthusiastic crowd and grab our second win of the week.

This morning while eating breakfast, I overheard a conversation between to 45-55 year old women. One said " who do you think will win the Superbowl?". The other one said, “I don’t care, I am just all about both team’s offenses. I bet the over.” So with legal sports betting in Ohio, I thought I should start including the lines for our game. However, I could not find the overnight lines yet, I guess it is too early. Feel free to post it if you see it.


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Can we get 4K in attendance despite how bad we’ve been this season? Would be nice. Millet is a great environment when it’s even close to half full.


Free tickets should provide a townie crowd close to the One Miami Day crowd. Minus Renata.

I told a friend they were giving tickets away. He didn’t seem surprised.


Whenever they do this, someone is always sitting in our seats by the time we arrive, sometimes they don’t like vacating our seats.

If anyone cares, we’re up 19-15 with 7:18 to go in the 1st. Anyone watching? How’s the crowd?

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Decent crowd. Good enough my phone is struggling to post pictures.


Why are we wearing red?

We’re up 30-25 at the half. Has our defense been player better, or is CMU’s shooting just that bad?

Both, actually. Getting outmuscled a bit trying to block out defensively.

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VanderPlas groupies in the Virginia student crowd.

Williams 0-5, Lewis 0-3 and Smith 0-1. Our bench has 4 points.

This is now solely a Patrick Geshan Fan Account.

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Bring in the action! Where’s Jackson!

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And just like that, my call was heard for the Kenyan!!!

And just like that, tie game with less than a minute to go.

Can Lairy hit a 3 for the win?

Still plenty of time for this crew to call 6-7 more fouls.

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FFS even for a team now 8-17 that’s a terrible loss.