For Dick...And Other Springboro Or Minster Fans

" Recently a photo of the 1965 cheerleaders was posted. One of my college roommates went to the State Championship that year, when he was nine years old.

I sent him a text with the cheerleaders photo and he sent this back to me.

It is his copy of the program from the tournament he marked up while watching the game. He has attended every Championship game since and kept all the programs.

He wrote:

“Cool. I just remember they played the team, Minster, that beat my high school in the regional final. Had my school won, we would have played your school.“

Small world.

  • Springboro Panthers Of The Good Old Days"


George Burkhart went on to play at Miami.

They pulled out a big win vs. College Corner in the tournament!

Yes, this does bring back memories. In 1965 I was a sophomore and started on the reserve team. In tournament I got to practice with the varsity and suit up for every other game. This was when Ohio only had 2 divisions. We won our district and played Bellbrook in the regionals at old Hobart Arena in Troy. Springboro played Versailles. We lost and Springboro won the regional.

Move ahead 4 years and I was in my second year at Miami and George Burkhart, Springboro’s star player, was a starting guard on a sweet 16 team at Miami ( 24 team NCAA tournament then). We beat Notre Dame and the nation’s leading scorer Austin Carr, then lost to Purdue ( with Rick Mount) who made it to the national championship game before losing. Along with two buddies, we had traveled to Madison, Wisconsin with Bang Meyer for the Purdue game. After the season was over, Bang hosted a team party at his Junction House Bar and my buddies and I were invited. There I met George Burkhart and we had a nice conversation about that high school regional. Thanks for posting that picture.
By the way, we had scrimmaged Minster that year in preseason and they won a close game.

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