Fly the Flag Week 3

Well, last weekend was one of squandered opportunity with the only pirate flag flying being the one at Toledo after a route of UMass. Sorry, Guardhawk, but this is Steinbrecher’s world, not ours.

But a new weekend approaches, one brimming with possibilities for the upset that could get people talking about the MAC as a giant killer again. Every one of the opportunities this week will be a very tall order. Here they are:

Miami vs UC
Ohio at Iowa State
Toledo at Ohio State
Vanderbilt at NIU
Akron at Tennessee
Buffalo at Coastal
Eastern at Arizona State
Marshall at BG
Pitt at Western

We are decided underdogs in each of these games. Will the flag fly at any of them?

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Kent at GA right?

no…UGA at SoCarolina this week


Pitt was down to their 3rd string QB by the end of their game against Tennessee. Plus it went to OT. I could see them having a let down against a MAC team on the road.

Kent has Long Island this week.

KSU at UGA September 24,

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Pitt going up to Kzoo with revenge on their mind…

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I would say that Western has a fighting chance, but I would think NIU has the best chance, they are capable of beating Vandy, especially at home.


Miami +21
Ohio +17
Toledo +31.5
NIU -1.5
Akron +47.5
Buffalo +13.5
EMU +20
BG +17
WMU +10

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The two upsets I want desperately to see are Miami and Toledo. But Marshall - still celebrating their trip to South Bend - just might be the team that could step in it. I’d like that, too.

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I am going to predict a bold move here but hey, I’m high on ludes. Here goes: we beat UC by over a TD this weekend. Feel free to laugh at my prediction Sunday. But if I’m right (and I think I am) praise me Sunday.


I’ll be more than happy to praise you Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and twice a week from Saturday if that prediction proves to be accurate.


As the late, great sea monster Al Davis used to say: JUST WIN BABY!

Absolutely no one here or in the press has even casually mentioned Toledo as a possibility to pull off a big upset. The Rockets played Notre Dame very tough in South Bend last season and probably should have won that game. Is Toledo really a legit 31 point dog at the Shoe?

The last time Ohio St played a mid major and the score was within 20 was 2015 (and they’ve played some good teams over that stretch). Ohio St is a totally different beast.

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Toledo almost beat them the last trip to Columbus. I noticed Mark Staten Miami ‘01 is the Rockets Tight Ends Coach.

THE Difference: ND is always overrated; OSU is usually not overrated and just outright loaded with athletes and coaches.

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Agree - would love to see UC and OSU and Marshall go down tomorrow. It would be like last week when the Sun Belt made big headlines. Just do it MAC!

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Doesn’t Vandy kinda suck? I can see Northern winning this one.

Vandy always kinda sucks. They’re the SEC’s best guarantee of an SEC win…by whomever they’re playing. 19-62 against conference foes the last 10 years. 1-7 in 2019, 0-9 in '20 and 0-8 in '21. The SEC celebrated when James Franklin left Vandy for Penn State in '14.

NIU has a decent shot here…they’re favored by 2 1/2…