Fly the Flag Week 1

Do any MAC teams have a chance to fly the skull and crossbones in week one? Here’s the lineup vs P5 teams:

Ball State at Tennessee
Central Michigan at Oklahoma State
Bowling Green at UCLA
Western Michigan at Michigan State
Buffalo at Maryland
Miami at Kentucky
Kent at Washington


I’ll start. I think Kent has the best chance and Ball State the worst…

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Agreed on Kent…as strange as it sounds Central will be tough, playing for coach (he’s out still right), could happen.

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I hope Central once again beats Okie State on some dumb BS error


I wonder if OSU will let them use MAC officials this time? :thinking:

That’s exactly why I’d be shocked if CMU wins (or even keeps it close) in Stillwater this time.


Akron trailing in the second quarter against NEC St Francis.

Nice TD drive by central in response to an osu score

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Toledo looks bad :grimacing:

Akron trailing in the second half against an NEC team. CMU and Ball St each trailing by 30+ in the first half. Toledo in a dogfight with LIU. Man, if we lose this conference again this season…

MAC not impressing anyone so far in Week 1.


Akron with the win in OT over St. Francis of PA.

Akron was HORRIBLE. They had no business winning that game and we’re completely outplayed. They won’t win again this season

Did not watch, but Central looks like they made it interesting, could not stop OKST, but had ball with under 3 mins 44 to 58 (not sure if they turned it over)…ended that way.

Preseason favorite NIU only beats EIU by 7.

The MAC looked like FCS+ tonight. I hope that’s not what we’ve become.

So… a moral loss?

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Western started steady with two stops and a FG for a 3-0 lead. MSU awake now - 21-3 early in the second quarter. Eastern struggling at home with Eastern Kentucky. Ben there, seen that, done it.

Toledo did end up with a dominate score despite looking anemic offensively. NIU looking soft. Akron is… Akron.

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