Finishing off opponents

I realize that this may be a debatable topic but my thought is that, in all the years watching Miami (mostly in FB and BB), for the most part they have some difficulty in keeping their foot on the gas and really closing out games. Miami when they get ahead appears to usually have trouble keeping or extending a lead.
Do others feel the same way…or see the same pattern…or is just my imagination that we get someone down and then let them up and limp into the close of more contests than finish with a “total dismantling” of an opponent.


Lack of a killer instinct.When it’s time to step on their necks, we lose focus/energy and voila, another loss (Buffalo was the outlier). Something has to change.
Our coaches were MIA as we lost the lead due primarily because of taking terrible 3’s. FORTY FOUR (44) 3’s in 40 minutes? Horrible (unless your team includes Steph Curry). And no TO’s to stop a run. No pulling guys when we should have, and I don’t care if they aren’t as “good”. Only time they reacted was when they pulled Lairy for the last minute of the 1st half for playing out of control. Otherwise, they were oblivious to the obvious.
And I like Coach Owens. But I also like Hedric, Peirson, Charlie and a bunch of assistants. That is not the determining factor in who runs our program. Herb was, in many ways, a dick. But he won–big.


Joby Wright, a real hard-ass, also won big and had the killer gene.


I knew and spent time with Joby. He was OK as a coach. I didn’t forget him. I was just not that friendly with him to say that I liked him. Not a real likable guy.

Herb was only arrogant because he was featured in that national Burger King campaign.

We certainly have trouble closing out games, but I’m not sure shooting a lot of 3s is the issue. We’re at 35.3% from long range (top third in the nation). I did notice something interesting, though: We are 33rd nationally in FT%, but only 245th in FTAs. Despite pretty good 3-point shooting, perhaps we should try to attack the rim more in order to get to the line?


We have several guys who do not have “attack the rim” in their arsenal. For example, ICL took 8 shots, all threes, White was 0 for 2, both threes. Brown has a little post up and driving ability, but what he really wants to do is shoot threes. That is also most of Williams offense. Lairy, Grant, and Beck are the only guys who really are effective driving to the hoop. Maybe Avance and Harrison will bring that in the future.

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