Fall 2023 State of the University Address

President Crawford has just delivered the annual State of the University talk. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXnqU7DEJVc (you can skip the first 30 to 35 minutes).

President Crawford spoke about the challenges we discussed here previously, but also about several great things happening at Miami alongside some promising numbers for 2024.

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Perhaps you can bullet point it for us!

Acceptance rate went down a bit, which is encouraging.

These things tend to be largely puffery, so I’d love to know the discussions that are going on beyond closed doors about things like rankings, student recruiting, selectivity and where we stand against competing schools.

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Looks like the University itself is mining the portal!

Get ready for the best time.

Nice work bot.


Have a problem with transfer students?

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I don’t have an issue with transfers. I have concerns about the quality of the marketing we are doing to lure said transfers as it’s likely a loss leader with no ROI. Are students on FB? No. It’s not a young person’s platform anymore. Also unless you have fat fingers, or have been scammed into thinking performance marketing is anything other than a way to waste good money after bad, who is clicking on these ads? There are so many better ways to do this.

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I was more asking @Renmanco. Whoever got the marketing budget did screw up if an alum is getting the ad

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Not me. I was one myself. Lol

That’s because FB sold the marketing people or media people a bill of goods called “we have a huge audience on FB and you can easily target them, and if the ads don’t work it’s your fault not ours.” And to be fair, if this is the quality of the marketing, it won’t work. This is wallpaper. If you can’t tell, I’m not a fan of this kind of marketing as it’s a great way to piss away a ton of money. So many better ways to target audiences in 2023.


Jive----I have no problem with transfers…I just thought the ad was a bit tacky…but, then again, I’m an old fart and I guess my kids and grandkids could better relate to this type of marketing than I.

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I don’t see anything wrong with transfers, but it’s not the solution by any stretch. How about addressing why 9 out of 10 Ohio kids who are accepted to Miami and OSU and end up at one of the two choose OSU. Get that number close to 50%, and you do something significant about our 17% yield which would allow doing something significant about our 82% acceptance rate.

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