Exhibition tonight

We play Capital (D3, from Columbus, same conference as Wilmington). Anyone going? I usually feel these exhibition games don’t tell us much, especially against non-D1 teams.

FWIW, we’re 5-1 against these guys all time in the regular season. Our last meeting was a 69-46 victory in 2014. Our only loss was 20-8 in 1909 (the score we trailed UD by at the half in “that game.”)

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I went to the Miami scrimmage a couple weekends ago, before the Akron game, and I stated at the time (to Dick and Tod who also were there) my starting lineup would be:


What was interesting is just 2 minutes after I turned to them and said that, Jack put on the floor as his lineup, those 5. Guess he heard me!

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I think that starting lineup would be solid. However, I think I would rather go big with Beck starting and White off bench. White is a critically important player as our best defensive player. But I would like to see us come out with offense as a priority at the beginning of the game. However, there are games where White would be a preferred starter.
Whatever, let’s just win a bunch of games. And one game over .500 is not what I aspire to this season.

I thought I heard Coach Owens say that Beck is out to start the year, but expected back. I would start White. He plays good defense, moves the ball, and takes good shots. Most teams play 3 guards now with a stretch 4. Beck and Ames on the floor together would put us at a mismatch, especially in transition.

Hadn’t heard that about Beck. Did hear McNamara was hurt but expected back shortly. I agree about White. A very valuable player. But any mismatches would be our size and outside shooting.
As for transition, make a decent percentage of your shots and transition is not a problem.

I know Etzler is out until January. Eli hurt his hand in the scrimmage. I don’t know how severely. I hadn’t heard about Beck but we shouldn’t need him against Capital. Let Harrison, Eller and Williams log some minutes.

No stream?

Ah, where is Dae Dae?

28-26 Miami at the half. Not an impressive display by The RedHawks. Getting out-hustled, out-shot and out-rebounded.

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I am not able to see the game but I can imagine the game. I saw it for the first half of a football game not too long ago. I also saw it for many basketball games last year. What the hell is happening to our major sports?

I’m confused as to why so many people seem optimistic about this season. True, many experienced players return, but those players haven’t been very successful in the past and they’re playing in the same system.

Watched the first half in person. Dae Dae, Etzler, Beck, and McNamara did not play. There is a HUGE difference in skills and height between us and Capital, but we are making the same mistakes we have been making for 4 years. In particular, ICL and Lairy forcing too many drives.

Don’t take too much away from this game. Our second team is playing quite a lot today.

Summary of the season: Any day Dae Dae underperforms, we likely lose.

Dae Dae hurt or just not playing?

Dae Dae hurt or just not playing?

As someone with a flight to Atlanta, I am quite curious about this.

Per our athletic site, we got it together in the 2nd half. 69-44 final

Can anyone give a more detailed account of the game? Nothing on the official Miami account.


A much more focused Miami team in the second half, although still ragged at times.

Biggest news: Dalonte Brown went down with what appears to be a sprained ankle. Was helped to the locker room and did not return.

Some nice minutes by Williams. He will be a good addition.

Lairy had a much better second half with quick drives and a couple stop-and-pop jumpers.

The bench seemed very involved with the game. This edition of the RedHawks is playing more of a team game and seems to be a tight-knit group.

Everyone who dressed for Miami played, including one guy I couldn’t find on the roster…perhaps the constant in-and-out substituting was a factor in some of the raggedness. It was hard to tell what the final rotation pattern will be, especially with a handful of primary players not dressed for the game.

Capital had a couple decent players. I expect they will do well in their league. Nevertheless, this was not as strong a start as I’d like for Miami. I’d give it a B-/C+.


Thanks for the report! Hope Brown is ok. Did Grant play?


Thanks for the report. Hopefully Brown is not injured to badly as we will need him, along with Dae Dae and Beck against Ga. Tech. Besides Williams, how did the other newcomers look-Avance and Harrison in particular? Thanks.