Dom Dzioban-Ray Guy Watch List

Congrats to Dom Dzioban for being named to Ray Guy Watch List!!


Nice !


Pin ‘em down inside the five, Dom!

This is a very interesting situation. Bevelheimer has been punting at an all MAC level. I don’t think he is on scholarship. Dzioban was a star last year and is on scholarship. Both are listed as Juniors. Right now Dom is still out with an injury. I suppose one of them could go into the transfer portal and would quickly get picked up. It would be extremely unusual to have two punters on scholarship at the same time. I think both are really good.

Strange you’d mention that. I just noticed a few minutes ago that they are both listed as Juniors on the two-deep. Dom was on the pre-season Ray Guy watch list. This looks like it might be a RS year for him. That could give him an extra year beyond next season.

That is most likely the way he should go, redshirt. He isn’t going to come in at this point and take the job back from Bevelheimer. RS, heal up and then battle for this or some other job next year. It’s a shame he got injured. But nice to see Miami had quality depth at the position.


Not exactly on this topic, but kind of related. One of the very best changes Chuck made after a few years at Miami is that he started offering and giving a scholarship to a PK and a Punter. It has worked out very well for us. Most schools, including many P5 teams, do not offer scholarships out of high school. They do give them out after a guy wins the job and shows he is good enough. We, on the other hand, seem to have an excellent scholarship pk and p every year. Since so many schools do not offer scholarships out of high school, I think we are usually getting guys that might be ranked much higher than we get for other positions.


It seems to be that special teams have been really good and important under Coach Martin. I think I heard that they are off the charts good this year

It feels like we have always been good at field goal and punt since lets say 2018.

Kick return was good with Mo Thomas not so good since - just ok

But punt return used to be bad and it seems way better this year with Gage and Cade


ST was a shaky area his first few years because we didn’t employ a dedicated ST coach. Once we started doing so, ST drastically improved.

Hate to even bring it up…remember the BG disaster ending few years ago. Could have used him then!