Does anyone know what happened with the smoke machine

My daughter said that the band wasnt allowed to march at halftime because of the chemicals on the field from the smoke machine at the beginning of the game

Not sure how they could play football on it but not have the band march on it


The band played and put on a great show. It was delayed a few minutes. The smoke machine was a fiasco. During timeouts the field was being “cleaned” of its debris.

Right the band played but they didnt march- which is sort of my daughters part as a Shako

Got it. What a mess.

The late Gordon Jump “Big Guy” was a Centerville grad. He also played the part of the bored “Maytag Repairman.”

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Don’t look at me…


They don’t have a true theatrical smoke machine and use CO2 fire extinguishers to create the effect.
There was some kind of mix up and instead of CO2 they discharged dry chemical fire extinguishers. The chemicals are non-toxic but can cause skin, eye and lung irritation. They probably just wanted to make sure it got fully cleaned up for the second half and I’m a little surprised they didn’t delay the kickoff.


I am sure delaying the kickoff was not something that would have endeared us to ESPN.