Does anyone have inside information on the bowls

Curious if we will be announcing tickets- events- pre game anytime soon. I would like to start making plans and decide if I can go and when- i am certainly hoping the band is going but still up in the air I think

It’s in Frisco, sans the San and tickets are not online, crypto currency only accepted. Make sure Chuck knows how many time outs he has in his pocket.

Should be on 23rd…that is all.


PS . Something called (no idea if legit)

Has tickets…25 to 65$

The bowl doesn’t even have an official website yet. The Wikipedia page actually has the best information on it that I have found available. The bowl does have a logo. It hasn’t been included yet on ESPN’s bowl events page. There is nothing on the Miami Marching Band site or Facebook page that would provide any indication that the band will be involved in any events past a November 20th on-campus concert.

Yeah my daughter is waiting to hear if the Shakos are invited

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Miami athletic site now has link up to buy tickets.

Anyone else having problems purchasing tickets from the site linked in the email from the athletic department? Every time I select my seats and go to purchase I get a message saying my time has run out for purchasing these seats, and it’s not like the seats selected are sitting in a cart for more than a minute before I try to purchase them.

The game sell out already? :wink:

Well, it’s a 30 minute drive from the NT stadium to the game in Frisco. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a sellout. At least the seats at Toyota Stadium are red for our sake.

North Texas message board posters hoping upwards of 10,000 Mean Green fans show up for the game…I think having the stadium about half full is a reasonable expectation…probably more than most minor bowls.

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