Defiance on Tuesday (11/23)

I believe this game got postponed/cancelled twice last season. Anyway, I know it should be when playing a D3 school, but this one shouldn’t be anywhere near a close game. The Yellow Jackets (no, not those Jackets) are 1-3, and they’ve already lost to two MAC schools. Check that, two branches of MAC schools. Miami-Hamilton and Kent-Tuscarawas have both beaten them this season. Defiance also has a game tonight (Monday), so they’ll probably be a bit fatigued. Hopefully everyone gets some action and no one gets injured. We’ve got a tough stretch of games coming up after this. Go 'Hawks!


Really not sure what the purpose of this game is at all, but hopefully the end of our bench can get some experience.


Defiance lost 78-74 at PSU-Shenango last night (though PSU’s site says 79-75, so I dunno). They’re part of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (junior/community colleges).

I lived in Sharon, PA which is where Penn State Shenango is and I didn’t even know they had a team!!


Defiance is not very good. They also have very little size. Tallest player is 6’6" and they only have one of those. After a very few minutes (no more than 5 to start each half) I hope Jack sits our major contributors and plays the bench. No need to risk injury. Great game to get Will and Jackson (the walkons) some more minutes!


I’d like to see our bigs have a…big…game tonight. We need these guys to step up.

I’m going to ask why. What does our big men beating up on a small school show? And why do they need to step up? Basketball is moving back to being a smaller game. NBA teams are winning titles with 6’8" centers. Same thing in college basketball. We’re out-rebounding teams by a solid margin, aren’t turning the ball over much, and aren’t showing easy inside baskets. Confine that with the shooting provided by Brown and Ayah, and that’s about all you need from bigs anymore.

I agree. I’d rather see us protect the rock better and make open shots over getting our big dudes to translate the Mikan Drill into game action against the worst opposition they’ll see in their lives.

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Jive and Sackman, I understand your points and I don’t entirely disagree. The days of building a team around a big center are long gone, and our biggest issue this year, I think, has been defending against the three.

But I have two concerns that could be assuaged with a good performance by our bigs:

(1) Precious Ayah’s presence in the paint has been an important part of Miami’s success this year. Next year, when he’s gone, who will replace him? How does Miami replace him if he falls to injury this year? (Beck and McNamara will be gone next year, too.) Harrison IV has the body (and the skills, too, I suspect), but he hasn’t shown much yet. Eller and Ames have good size, but have been mostly ineffective this year in very limited minutes. If none of these guys can be a power presence against a very lackluster team like Defiance, I have some concerns about our depth in the middle this year, and especially what we will be able to do next season.

(2) Miami is an excellent outside shooting team, but aside from Georgia Tech (whom we caught very early in the season while things were still jelling), we haven’t played against a high-quality defense. When we run into a defense that is able to really lock down on our three-pointers–and we will at some point this year–without a big presence down low we will be in trouble. A solid down-low games makes a team like Miami much less one-dimensional and tougher to game plan against.

I’ll admit I don’t have the BB IQ of you and others on this board, so these are just the thoughts of an OG that has watched a lot of Miami basketball over the years.


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Whoa! Don’t you say that I have a high basketball IQ either! I’m not as dumb as Denzel Valentine though.

Just personal opinion that I don’t want us to focus on stuff that we’re never going to have (a consistent offensive post presence) at the expense of forgetting what we’re built for (drive and kick to open shooters).

I just like winning again.

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Amen to the winning! I’ll be there tonight for another W!

Not sure my BB IQ is that fantastic either. But I think we’ve seen what happens when teams try to take away the 3. Dae Dae and Lairy just blow past them for closing out too hard.

Stetson tried really hard to take away jump shots, and ended up needing to have their big man help on drives, leaving Ayah wide open down low. My biggest concern is making sure everyone knows when it’s time to do what. It’s easy to fall in love with the three when it’s going in. Can they recognize when to drive after the defense adjusts? It’s also easy to force the ball inside when you’re not shooting well. How do you keep confidence during a dry spell that you’re taking the best shot given what the defense is doing. So far they’ve done that well, but it’s hard to do consistently.


I watched UNCW beat Coastal in a Colonial-Sun Belt matchup last week. The shortest kid on the court led both teams in rebounds.

Im not sure this program, or fans, have earned the right to be dismissive of the opportunity to play a basketball game. Coach can use this game to hopefully build his depth and prepare for a long season with some type of post-season run!


You’re right. I’m old enough to remember driving to Oxford to see them lose to Wilmington.


8 years ago today!

11/23/13. #NeverForget

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So if we win, does this count as a “W” in our record for NCAA purposes, or does this game not count since we already played a D3 school? Would love to count it as a selling point to boost the team’s confidence, and it’s something the marketing team can use to hopefully drive more students out to future games.

They “count,” but they won’t be impressing any committee members.

Why not, this will be an amazing resume building victory :upside_down_face:


Only if we are defiant in our victory!

Ps think there’s a TWO game limit on nonD1…then they start to not count.