Continuing the discussion from Damon Frierson, RIP:

First, I am relieved that I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Sorry for the disinformation, but when I saw it and the pics of him in his uni’s I felt that the info was correct. That is why I asked for someone to either confirm or correct me. Guess that was too much to hope for. Try googling his name and see what pops up.
I guess I am simply a feeble minded old man who stepped into something smelly. Didn’t realize an honest mistake would result in such abusive responses.


I missed it (thread deleted).

Mistakes happen. Abusive responses were indeed not warranted. A pm could have quickly corrected it.


Double M, don’t beat yourself up too much. We all make mistakes. Heck, I bought crypto currency when I just as easily could have gone to Reno and lost the same amount but at least had a good time! Better thing to celebrate: you at least try to own a mistake. That’s very uncommon anymore. A more elegant weapon from a more elegant time.