COVID only exists in Miami classrooms and labs

Interesting update on the campus rules for mask wearing

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I think the important context to consider is that this policy’s chief goal is almost certainly to appease professors. There are a lot of professors (nationwide, this isn’t a Miami-specific thing) who don’t feel comfortable teaching in a room with unmasked students so this is an easy way to make them happier to teach in person.

As for whether or not it’s “scientific”, I think there is some merit to it. You’re more at risk of contracting covid if you sit next to someone for an hour than if you pass them in a hallway. If you are more worried about COVID, you can control who you are sitting nearby in libraries or study areas much more than in a classroom. But again, preventing the spread of COVID probably is a secondary goal here.

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Glad in FL there are no mask or vaccine mandates. I had my 3 shots but still got Covid-19 . Was not real sick which is possibly due to the jabs .

  1. Vaccination never guaranteed you won’t get sick. It lessens your chance of hospitalization or death, so…

  2. Yes, “it’s possible” your shots are why you weren’t sicker.

  3. Glad you’re glad you live in Florida.

  4. Fire Jack Owens.


Also got three shots and COVID! Very mild. Headache and minor temperature for only three days.

Love the great state of Florida!

Unfortunately, your first statement is inaccurate. Many have repeated this misinformation without knowledge of the FDA authorization and approval process.

The vaccines received the EUA (emergency use authorization) based on the representation that they PREVENTED Covid-19. Without that representation they likely could not have been authorized.

There is enough misinformation floating around. We don’t need it on HawkTalk.

This is the Moderna EUA issued in December, 2020.
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.05.42 PM

The Pfizer EUA had the exact same language.

The same language is in the FDA approval that was given to Pfizer to manufacture Comirnaty in the BLA in August, 2021. It was approved to prevent Covid-19. Nothing in that approval letter that it was only supposed to prevent severe illness.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.12.55 PM

Points #2, #3 and #4 are all accurate.

COVID-19 is technically the disease caused by SARS-COV-2 which is the virus. When you test positive for covid, you’re actually testing positive for the presence of SARS-COV-2, the virus. When you experience symptoms, those are symptoms of COVID-19, the disease.

The vaccines were meant to prevent the disease, not contracting the virus. So even the vaccines had promised 100% effectiveness in preventing COVID, nothing is contradictory about then testing positive for SARS-COV-2. And of course, they didn’t promise 100% effectiveness rates (although some of the public discourse around them wrongly did). After all, prevent doesn’t mean a guarantee. No one would argue that seatbelts don’t prevent injuries in car crashes, even if they don’t prevent all injuries.

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Agree with everything you state. However, the vaccines clearly have done a poor job at preventing the disease, Covid-19, compared to representations that were made when they were originally introduced and authorized.

Look no further at the data from Ohio. Twice as many deaths from Covid-19 disease at this year’s peak (with 61% of age 5+ fully vaccinated) compared to last year. 87% fully vaccinated in age 65+ which demo has about 80% of all deaths (median age 76).

By any measure, these vaccines have not lived up to the representations that were made. To argue that they have been “effective” is quite a stretch in looking at the data.

Ohio deaths over time per NY Times. Absolutely shocking considering the vaccine uptake.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 2.47.40 PM

To be blunt, this is wrong.

Vaccines have done a tremendous job in preventing serious illness and death.

Yes, deaths in Ohio were higher this year versus last year but:

  1. Ohio is an exception, overall deaths were lower at the peaks this winter in the US.

  2. Omicron and Delta can’t be compared apples to apples with COVID last winter.

  3. Since 1/1/21, 95% of COVID deaths in Ohio have been of individuals not fully vaccinated: COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Dashboard


At any rate, Miami announced within the last 30 minutes or so that masks are now optional unless an instructor specifically requires them in a classroom setting.

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I hate the Commanders so fucking much. What a bunch of goddamn idiots*.

*more productive than arguing about COVID


Carson Wentz! Just amazing personnel choices.

The only way this could get worse is if we took Desmond Ridder or for some reason Jason Preston.

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Those numbers defy all logic and common sense comparing the two winter peaks I referred to.

Where have our critical thinking skills gone?

I wish the numbers we were given held up to scrutiny. They simply don’t.

Let’s use a simple example to illustrate.

In winter peak 2020/21 almost all were obviously in unvaccinated. Very few were fully vaccinated based on the definition used. (at least two weeks past second dose of mRNA vaccines).

In 2021/22, let’s say 50% are vaccinated (obviously way below actual number), especially in the age 65+ group from which most deaths occur.

However, 2x the number of deaths in this year’s winter peak in Ohio.

To argue that 95% of deaths are in unvaccinated would mean that 95% of deaths are coming from 50% of the population.

To get 2x the number of deaths this year would mean that the virus would have to be 4x as lethal in 21/22 than it was in 20/21.

Why would the rate of death increase 4x (or more) in unvaccinated this year compared to last year?

That would indicate that Omicron was 4x more lethal than Alpha, Beta versions although there is no science I have seen that supports that.

The only explanation is that deaths in this year’s peak were predominantly in those vaccinated. My estimate is in the range of 50%-60%.

That would still indicate some protective benefit but it is not anywhere close to the numbers CDC etc. have cited.

Look at data from Israel, UK, Canada that all show numbers in my range above (or worse).

CDC has already admitted they have not released all relevant data because of concerns it will be misinterpreted. Their calculations of death rates on breakthrough cases is suspect as a result and there has been no reason given as to why US data should differ from these other countries.

Getting real close to closing this thread…

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