Commercial Breaks

My other alma mater was playing in the D3 playoffs today and I was blown away by how much more watchable it is. No 3 minute breaks every time there’s a change of possession. No 5 minute replay reviews every couple plays. The game finished in 2:30 flat without either team using a triple option offense.

I realize that extended commercial breaks come with the territory of having a game on an ESPN channel or CBS Sports, but is it really necessary for the games that are streaming only? Does ESPN+ really gain that much revenue from streaming commercials during MAC games as opposed to their subscription revenue?


I’m guessing they’re part of the package streaming or on cable. I’ve been watching some of Montana State on the plus and I’m getting local Bozeman commercials. A bit of a relief from Lily and Mayhem.

I think the commercial breaks are more tiring when you’re in the stadium. You can never anticipate the three minute ones. At least at some stadiums they’re bringing a digital board out on the field that counts down the three minutes.

Sometimes, though not always, at Yeager I’ve noticed on the scoreboard they’ll put a timer up that mirrors the countdown board the orange hat dude (buddy to Helmet Man!:slight_smile: brings out on the field. When you’re at home you just switch to another game or what ever, hit the pottie, cruise your tablet or grab some grub. Not nearly a painful as at the stadium, especially on a hot day or cold night.

I will say a few of the long TV break things they do with students during the breaks are mildly amusing.

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They bring a clock on the field for TV timeouts at Yager that count down from three minutes .


That’s how I know you are a true fan. No one save for those who actually goes to games Would know that. Good thing I watch Scooby Doo or the subtle details would be missed. Let’s kick butt tmrow! I I am no fan of BS University. I want the Potato but would take any bowl.

Commercial breaks for fans in the stadium are the absolute greatest of thing that’s ever been invented in terms of game pace and fan attentiveness.

Everyone sits around in joy and excitement, knowing that they’re more time to cheer on their favorite team and experience the magnificence of concrete stands with hard metal seats.

Oh! And don’t forget the $9 beers and $5 hot dogs.

Someone say a 3+ hour game with a weeknight 8pm kickoff? CAN’T WAIT!


I laughed. Well done.

Lower division college football is by far superior to D1

Miami vs Ball State is streaming only on ESPN+