College Football Week Zero

Watching Nebraska-Northwestern right now. It’s been a decent game so far. Nothing really extraordinary about Northwestern on either side of the ball. Their QB is a transfer from South Carolina and isn’t anything special. But they play physical and obviously well coached. Nebraska was up by 10 or 11 and decided to try a surprise on-side kick. It backfired and NW scored. NW now has the lead with 10 minutes left.

WKU over Austin Peay 38-27. Miami transfer James Burns had 2 catches for 12 yards.


Did Burns play with his jersey tucked in or was it hanging out?


This Nebraska/Northwestern game was a battle of who wanted to lose more in the second half.

Northwestern’s OL is clearly the strength of their team. They started to impose their will towards the end of the game. But yeah, Nebraska (in typical Nebraska fashion) shot themselves in the foot a ton.

Scott Frost will not last for the 'Huskers until the first frost…see what I did there?


I saw the magic.

Week One

Irish luck? Hope not. About to begin.

RedHawk (Skins, if you prefer). Hope so. 7-7 right now.