Clarification on the Goofy MAC Pandemic seeding rule

So this new rule only applies if there is a one game difference in games played. Like a 17-3 and a 16-3 team would be considered tied and then you would go to the normal tiebreakers. Therefore it does not apply to Miami and Central Michigan as we have a two game difference in games played. If we both end up the same number of games below .500 like we are right now, Miami would get the higher seed based on the traditional winning percentage being higher. That helps us.

I’m glad for the sake of fairness, though I’m not sure it necessarily “helps us.” Do we have a significantly better chance against Kent than we do Toledo?

We have not yet clinched a MAC tournament birth, but this makes it very likely. If we win, we finish 7th, If we lose, then either or both Central and BG could pass us. Central plays at Kent ( tough game as Kent is on an 11 game winning streak, but CMU beat them in December). BG plays at home against Toledo, another tough game, but beating them would give BG the tiebreaker over us if we lost. It is ulikely, but a Miami loss and wins by both BG and Central could drop us to 9th. It would take the underdog winning all 3 games.

CMU is at Akron, not Kent. Would still be an upset, but not as big of one.