Caleb Shaffer

Shaffer has been starting for 3 or 4 years, listed as a 323 pound Junior. He got ejected from Saturday’s game for kicking and then stepping on a WM players. It was not during a play, but after a play the Bronco lineman seemingly would not let him up and Shaffer lost his temper. First question I have is is this the same as a targeting penalty and he will miss the first half of the game next week?

Somebody posted that Chuck commented that he is a mild mannered good guy. I don’t know what the Western player did to him that caused him to lose it, but I did see him clearly kick the guy and then step on him. That is totally unacceptable IMO. I tend to think a one game suspension would be the correct way to handle something like this. Is this an over reaction on my part?

I missed it Dick… but if it happened during the 1st half he is cleared to play next game. If it happened during the 2nd half, he has to sit out the 1st half of next game.

Something must have been said. He definitely lost his cool, but it was a very, very light “step” on the WMU guy.


No kick, and hardly put any weight down on the step. He definitely wanted to stomp the crap out of him, but didn’t.


Yeah, I think suspending him for a full game would be a bit overzealous. He gave him what equated to a love handle tickle after really wanting to go after him. Something was definitely said to prompt the response. Shaffer is typically pretty reserved and it was out of character. TBH, I wish a few more of our linemen got fired up. Bit disappointed nobody came to his aid when the skirmish started.


The video showed (according to me) that the WMU player (Carter–their stud DL) fell on top of Caleb. He wiggled his body to keep his weight on Caleb and made a half-hearted (at best) attempt to get up off him. No doubt Caleb took offense to a 6’5" 255lb man purposely laying on him.Sure all the guys are frustrated.
And a suspension is overkill.


Well, looking at it from the stands, we were not able to tell that the kick to and the step on were not hard enough to injure or harm anyone. If that is the case, missing the first half next week will suffice. It was a terrible look from 70 yards away.

Western was playing up to the line of dirty all game. You still can’t respond like that. Even if the step was “light”, you can’t do anything that resembles going Christian Laettner on someone.

Shaffer gave a wonderful interview with Bake in the pre-season as I recall…came across as a very nice young man, extremely articulate, etc. Worth watching if you can find it.


He’s a great kid. Big fan of his.

He’s had a great career here

He’s known for his somewhat mild-manner…can’t trust it, but he’s in two-deep for Akron.