Brad Adamonis just won a tourney

Brad won an event on a mini tour the other day. The APGA Tour. Tourney was at Valhalla. Got $7,500 for his effort. However, he won on the same tour a year ago and got $15,000. He’s 49 now and I think we will see him do well on the senior tour very soon as he turns 50 in January. Guy still has a great game.


No guarantee he’ll play much on the senior tour. The Champions Tour is the hardest tour in the world to get status on. Only 5 spots available at Q school.

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Maybe true, but here’s why I think he might do well: no one has played more golf than he has and I think he holds the record for Monday qualifiers played in. I think he would have a legit chance as he’s not coming in rusty. Guess we will find out.