Bowl Predictions?

I have seen two different sites that have us in Bahamas Bowl.

CBSN says in Detroit vs Michigan State. None without 6 wins.

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We need to win three of the next four. It ain’t happening.

Show me an offense first…

247 Sports has us and Mich. State in Quick Lane bowl. Who knows?? We will be in one of them though.

Onto this year…already seeing a trend w us penciled into the Boise Bowl in a couple of predictions.

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Boise’s what I expect if we don’t win the MAC. I’m still hoping for the Myrtle Beach Bowl!

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What’s the other conference tie-in to Boise?

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Mountain West

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Way early but Jerry Palm (CBS) has Miami vs Army in Quick Lane day after Christmas.

Rose Bowl first and then CFP Championship game would work.

Thanks in advance to the Selection Committee.


Cracks me up that some of these predictors have teams playing in bowls in their own home stadiums - like Coastal in the MYR and Boise in the BOI. Basically never happens.

I think in the early days of the Boise Bowl the local Boise State squad played in it a couple of times…for a full stadium I am sure th bowl organizers would love to have them again but Boise State obviously sets their bowl destination sights elsewhere given their profile.

Would also love to see us in Myrtle Bowl.


Other than the National Championship playoff games and the New Years Day games, the rules for bowl games are:

1 - Warm Weather
2 - Ocean front
3 - Good Bars & Restaurants
4 - A decent opponent
5 - Cheap airfare


And driving distance for some of us.

The Quick Lane bowl could be an option if we do not win the east. They almost never select MACC game teams since it’s a return trip to Ford Field.

Although they do also prefer the Michigan schools if given the choice.

We won’t go back to the Bahamas for a second straight year.

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Yep. The Famous Potato Bowl started as the successor of the California Bowl in 1996. Boise played at home there in the third, fourth, sixth and ninth versions. Idaho played in it a couple of times, too, but it’s not a local game for the Vandals. It’s a six hour drive in good weather (300 miles) from Moscow to the Smurf Turf.

Agree about Boise, we’re one of three MAC teams that hasn’t played in the Potato Bowl yet.

IIRC the MAC doesn’t have set tie-ins by conference rank, meaning the winner, runner-up, and others can go anywhere. Per Google, this season we have tie-ins with Bahamas, Camellia (Montgomery), Potato (Boise), Lending Teee (Mobile), Arizona (Tucson), and Quick Lane (Detroit). If applicable, we also get two other bids out of Cure (Orlando), New Mexico (Albuquerque), Boca Raton, Myrtle Beach, and Frisco.

Not that it’s important, but IIRC the immediate successor to the Cal Bowl was the Las Vegas Bowl. Pretty sure for the first couple of years after it was formed the MAC had a tie in and then we lost that guaranteed slot…I am thinking that was probably when the Potato Bowl started in 1996 as you noted.


Hawaii also often plays in the Hawaii Bowl.