All Hockey East games to be on ESPN+

Every single Hockey East game, men’s and women’s, will be available on ESPN+ through the 27-28 season, with a few on ESPNU each year.

Would love the NCHC to do something like this with Paramount+ to complement CBSSN instead of the stupid thing.


Getting the NCHC games on ESPN+ would be great for the Miami fanbase as it would put football, basketball, women’s basketball, and hockey all on the same pay network. I know I choose to support ESPN+ because the 3 sports that I have season tickets for are located there, and I don’t care to pay the additional fee for the NCH network, but I would certainly watch most games if they were on ESPN+. I think there are lots of other people who would as well.


Yep, I would subscribe again.

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I’d prefer ESPN+ or any streaming service that wasn’t $100 for the year. I think that is pretty profitable/successful so I think it’s likely that ESPN/CBS/whoever isn’t going to offer enough money to make it worth it.

ESPN+ would absolutly be easier and would potentially open the product to more exposure.

Without knowing any of the financials it’s hard to imagine a move to ESPN being more financially lucrative even assuming a reduction in streaming infastructure overhead.

Let’s be honest, it’s not really the price point that’s the issue it’s the teams performace at that price point.

Yeah, I assume the NCHC is happy with the money they’re making from their own app and don’t feel the need to share it with ESPN+ or Paramount+ (which I assume would be an option since there’s a CBSSN deal) just to get more viewers. But a man can dream!