Thursday night - Wife has minor flu symptoms. 101 temperature. A little bit of a scratchy throat. By Saturday afternoon, all symptoms gone.

Naturally, Saturday night…I have the same symptoms but with a 102 temperature. Sore throat and headache. Temperature down to 100.5 now after taking Tylenol throughout the day. A bit dizzy and slight headache.

Just the flu…Well, that’s what we thought. Our daughter arrived from Dallas for the Holiday and insisted we take COVID tests. Why? It’s just the flu. So we both took COVID tests tonight (an hour after she arrived) and we’re positive. We are fully-vaccinated with two boosters.

I’m not anti-mask, but it’s a big PITA wearing the damn thing!

One good thing though. If I die within the next three weeks, I still will never have witnessed a Mike-Tomlin-coached Steeler team (full season) with a losing record.

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Feel better!! Sending positive vibes your way.


It’s firing up pretty much everywhere - next door neighbors took a holiday trip over to Asheville a week ago and both came back with COVID. Flu like symptoms and 101 degree temperatures. Good news is that’s about as bad as it gets for most if you’re vaccinated and boosted. Get well soon.

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You are not alone.

For example, SARs-CoV-2 in wastewater in Santa Clara, County California is the highest it has been since the beginning of the pandemic. This is one of the highest vaxxed and boosted counties in the U.S.

New Hospital admissions in California also higher right now than they were at this time last year. Hopefully, the seasonal wave has come earlier this year but Covid is much more prevalent than is being portrayed in the media.

Take care of yourself. The same for all HawkTalkers.


Feel better, Eddie.

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Lots of chicken soup, Eddie! That’s what got us through it.

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Got some yesterday from Costco!

So are you back to normal by now or still experiencing symptoms?

Still have symptoms, although they are still very minor. Cough, sneezing etc…

No temperature, so I assume they’ll be gone shortly.