2024 KJ Windham

Taking official visit to Miami soon.


Has he committed?

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His last tweet a few hours ago…

Saw that, but perplexed by GuardHawk’s post and the tweet reading,”Official in Oxford” with salutations in the context of this new poster’s tweet. Would be a good get in the event he commits. Thought maybe someone had non-publicly available information. Guess not… Who on this board actually is an “insider”? From my experience over the years, I’ve found Jive’s information to be most useful.

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Eddie = Captain Obvious. Appreciate your candor. Y


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Has this been mentioned yet?

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Northwestern offer.

KJ Windham , CG, Meanstreets- Windham is a lot of fun to watch because wining and toughness are clearly two things he prioritizes on the floor. He is a confident shot maker from deep, gets his teammates involved and is a committed on the ball defender. He’s had himself a tremendous month of July and went out on a high note at the Finale. Northwestern became the first high major program to offer him earlier this month and had an assistant tracking him in Kansas City.

Commits to Northwestern.