2022 Season Opener at UK

Just took a look at the Wildcats’ 2022 roster.there is a huge experience gap between Miami and UK. The Cats list 24 players as either grad students or seniors.Miami lists only four seniors - no grad students.


…for Kentucky. 1-0 for Miami! BELIEVE!


I count 6, including 6th year Ryan McWood. That didn’t take into account that you need to add a year to everyone’s class because of the free COVID year.

The season hasn’t started yet. Not sure what this contributes

Realistic expectations. 1-3 start is likely and if you think differently you haven’t been paying attention.


isn’t this our expectation evert year?

any1 willing to call the northwestern game an automatic loss is a n idiot

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You do know how many OOC FBS games Miami has won under Martin, correct?

Hint: It’s one. That’s not a typo.

There’s a reason why we don’t have our hopes up.

UK has been a well-run program under Stoops, coming out of Lexington with a win is not likely. Neither is breaking the streak against UC at PBS unless they take a big step back, as much as I’d love to see the upset and us retaining the series lead for at least a year longer.

We have a very good shot however against Northwestern imo; they were lousy last season (lost their longtime DC and some key players), they don’t really have a home field advantage (small student population and often draw a lot of visiting fans), and they’ve laid a few eggs against MAC teams under Pat Fitzgerald (Akron and NIU in the past decade if I’m not mistaken). I think the MAC East early preview gave us 50/50 odds against them, which might be slightly overstated given Chuck’s track record against P5 teams, but we have a real chance to leave Evanston with a win and 2-2 OOC record.

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1-0 in our last 1.


I think we take Northwestern. 2-2

There’s a big difference between “likely” and “automatic loss”. If you can’t understand the difference maybe you’re the idiot.

I think we beat Kentsucky and northwestern and hope we beat uc

I could definitely see us winning the Northwestern game. I’d be very surprised to see us win the Kentucky game, but I think it’ll be more competitive than people realize. Kentucky is a great defensive team that’s not as good on offense and they tend to go especially vanilla in their buy games, which has led to some fairly competitive games the past few years, even as they’ve become a perennial top 25 team.

2021: 28-23 over Chattanooga
2019: 38-24 over Toledo
2019: 38-17 over EMU
2018: 35-20 over CMU
2018: 34-23 over MTSU
2017: 27-16 over EKU
2017: 24-20 over EMU

True that. But UK is 7-0 in those games. Northwestern was really down last year ( remember that the year before they were in the Big Ten championship game. They have a veteran coaching staff who has had lots of success there, I think it is likely they will rebound big time next season and last year was just a big rebuilding season after much of their team graduated. It is a very tough 3 games, NW is the best chance of an upset, but I don’t think they will be a bad team again this season. Their program has been too good for that to happen.

2-2 would be great. no idea how good or bad Northwestern is supposed to be