2022 Football Roster

Football roster was updated recently.

Miles Marshall has been added as well as the true freshmen.

One notable absence is Jace Williams. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see him. Has this been noted before? Would be a bummer if we lost him.

When I click on it I still get the Spring Roster. I thought Afari transferred to Hawaii. He’s still on that roster.but when you go to the actual football site you do get an updated roster.

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Click on roster - should be the updated one:

I don’t remember seeing this but the roster includes Brian Ugwu - DL from Rutgers

Also note #10 a senior transfer QB from Ohio Wesleyan. Plus another high school QB #19 from Atherton-Menlo Park in Cali. Interesting!

Nope. This link opens to Spring Roster.

Sorry about the bad link. The website has the updated roster. You can also sort by position which is kind of nice.

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Also a TE from Indiana:


113 players on the roster - lots of WO and PWO. Deep scout team.

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McCleod’s HUDL highlights - accurate and has a really big arm. Wonder what brought him to Oxford?

Looks like he might fit the Gabbert mold.

“A big-time player, the most under-recruited player in California,” M-A coach Chris Saunders said. “The best quarterback in California, making plays outside of the pocket and running our run-pass option offense.”


Was considering Ivy options and received interest from other “academically oriented” schools. Apparently had an offer from Oregon State. Beavers HC Jonathan Smith was an All PAC 12 QB.

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Arm strength is impressive on those deep throws…lots of zip!