2020 and 2021 Should Have Been Our Years

We’re all aware how COVID jobbed us in 2020 - when we had an outstanding schedule and an offensive line manned by the likes of Danny Godlevske and Tommy Doyle. But with our returning talent, this could have been our year, as well.

At 4-5, without a win against any significant opponents except CMU and Ball State, it obviously has not been.

We were not ready to play competitively during the first half of the UC, Minnesota, LIU, EMU or Ohio games. I think that’s completely unacceptable but I’m not sure it is necessarily the fault of the team. The team played better - especially our seniors - in the second half in four of those five games. But coaches need to have their teams ready to compete at the opening kickoff with a game plan they can successfully execute.

Unfortunately, we’ll be heading down to Kentucky next Labor Day weekend without, Ben Kimpler, Jack Sorenson, Andrew Homer, Sterling Weatherford, Mike Brown, Dominique Robinson, Jaylen Bester, Cecil Singleton, Ryan McWood and Derek Paulson.

We’re not losing a huge senior class but we’re certainly losing a huge portion of our productivity. Now that’s depressing.

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Yup. Losing our three experienced OL set us back quite a bit, along with Ragumba heading to the draft as well.

I know you are saying covid jobbed us but somehow we ended up playing the fewest games in the country last year. UC played 10 games.

With the best intentions- the MAC and Miami decisions didnt help us relative to the college football landscape

In addition we werent very active in the transfer portal- we added a running back that is good - but reminds me of two other running backs we had coming back- could have used a lineman and DB

And you always have graduation- the key is to replace them each year. Some really good players are leaving but we should have really good players coming in or more importantly currently learning and getting ready to take those roles

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And of that list you listed that is leaving I would guess that only Sorensen will garner 1st or 2nd team honors. We should be able to overcome those losses

Miami is two missed field goals from being 6-3 instead of 4-5, and undefeated in MAC play

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But they aren’t.


You can play that game all day. Ohio would have played offense completely different if we had made that first half field goal. We were totally outplayed until we went rogue

EMU too- who knows what happens

You cant say something that happened in the first half was the reason for an outcome. If we missed both kicks as the clock ended maybe

This is how teams that lose speak

Dont forgot that incredibly lucky play we had where Hipp caught the deflection

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But just goes to show how little things during a game can really screw up or make a season is all I am saying

Well, 2021 can still be our year.

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