2 free tickets for the BG game Tuesday night

Last time I will have free tickets to offer. First person to post can have them. I would meet you a little after 6:30 in the front lobby of Millett.

I am leaving home around 3:00, so I need to know by then.

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How much to take them off your hands?

Free. Just would like to see them being used.

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I had 10 tickets for 5 games to give away. Not my tickets, but those of a friend going on a long vacation. He had some hockey tickets too, but he was able to get rid of those. I easily got rid of the 4 Saturday tickets, but only got 2 of the 6 weeknight tickets used. Hopefully, that will change in upcoming seasons.

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Still available

Do you have any for the Ohio game

No. I had no trouble getting takers for the weekend games. My friends will be home after the OU game, so no more free tickets this year.