10 Games (math is hard)

Only 10 games stand between Miami and a national championship. Let’s go!


I think it’s 9 or 10 no?
3 to win the MAC
Then, assuming we didn’t have a first 4 play in game (which a losing team could have) from the round of 64, it would take 6 games to win it. Likely 7 here. Total number is 10.

Assumed you were talking about hoops. But, maybe you meant hockey?

10 games for basketball, assuming a play in. 3+7=10. My Miami education should have helped me to calculate that correctly the first time!

I am not talking about hockey. A hockey national championship would be unrealistic!

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It’s not your fault. The first 4 games are something I still forget from time to time. 64 was the number for so long.

@Smithspike But a basketball championship is realistic?